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Our products are known throughout the library industry as leading brands, with a reputation of quality. We further enhance this with local support, installation and training to enable Philippine librarians to apply these technologies to their needs immediately.

Destiny DESTINY Library Manager is Follett Software's top-of-the-line library automation software. It is a completely web-based software, with all functions like OPAC, cataloging, circulation, inventory, reports, and others requiring no more than a web browser. It is suited for multiple campuses and consortia where only one server is required. It may also be used in single-campus libraries, lowering the total cost of ownership. It has the right information and resources at the right time, maximizing your library's power to support students and teachers,curriculum and instruction. Other Destiny modules include Destiny Textbook Manager, Destiny Media Manager, and Destiny Asset Manager.
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Mitinet MARC MAGICIAN is designed for printing card catalogs and labels. Moreover, it automatically corrects dozens of MARC errors, provides a powerful array of time saving global editing commands, and allows for accurate original cataloging. It is the perfect companion to your existing library automation system. A similar product MARC WIZARD is a subscription service that includes other features to improve the quality of your cataloging.
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Barcode Readers BARCODE READERS enable data capture for encoding of books and patrons, for circulation transactions, and for inventory. We provide a range of choices including CCD, laser and portable barcode readers.
Barcoding Supplies BARCODING SUPPLIES delivered right to your library ensure continuous processing of your new acquisitions. Barcode labels that come in various sizes and printed according to your specifications, are our best sellers not only because of their quality but also due to our lower prices. Barcode protectors are transparent stickers used to cover your barcode labels. We supply quality barcode protectors appropriate to the label you ordered, at our usual low price. Blank label sheets as well as barcode printer ribbons are also available for those who print their own barcodes. Thermal paper for receipt printers are indispensible for those who provide receipts to their patrons. Make sure you stock on these essential supplies to ensure continuous service at your circulation desks.
Transaction Trackers TRANSACTION TRACKER are small printers used to make a written record of your patrons’ loans, returns, fines and payments. Our receipt printers are optimized for Follett circulation software and use thermal paper. Our latest and fastest model is the Follett Infigo Receipt Printer
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PHD Panther The FOLLETT PHD Panther's ease of use and ergonomic design enable anyone to circulate books or take inventory from anywhere. Superior storage combined with convenient PDA functionality makes the Panther a must-have for any library. Panther also contains an internal pop-up keyboard and external stylus for easy data entry.
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OPAC Station OPAC stations are low-cost alternatives to desktop computers for use in Online Public Access Catalogs (OPACs) and other library workstation requirements. They have no hard disks or cooling fans, thus there are no mechanical parts that will break down. They are small in size, lasts a long time and boots almost instantaneously. Save thousands of pesos in initial costs and in the total cost of ownership.
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Mobile Tablet The Mobile Tablet is a rugged tablet computer which can be used for inventory and remote circulation. It features a brilliant 8.4 inch touch display and a high performance yet energy-efficient Intel Atom processor within a slim, light, and durable package. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are built-in. With options for a magnetic stripe reader, barcode scanner, and 3 mega-pixel camera, these tablets offer seamless information capture for instant transmission. Another major option is an outdoor-viewable display. It comes with Windows XP Embedded operating system, 1GB RAM and up to 64 GB flash or SSD storage
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