Data Privacy Notice

EISI Data Privacy Notice


This policy is issued by Electronic Information Solutions Inc (EISI, ‘we’,’us’, ‘our’) to show our customers, prospects, website visitors, event attendees, and other parties from whom we collect personal information, that we value their privacy and that we take extra effort to ensure the security of the data we collect.



This Data Privacy Policy applies to Personal Information we collect on our website (, Facebook page (, and other company-developed and third-party software we use to collect such information. This also applies to information manually collected via paper forms and documents.

By accessing or using our websites, providing information to us in connection with our websites, or downloading from them, attending our events, visiting our offices, filling up our forms (paper or electronic) you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

In general, as a company engaged in business-to-business trade, we collect only a minimum amount of personal information from the employees and personnel associated with our constitutional customers.

This policy is NOT APPLICABLE to job applicants and employees, stockholders, credit line applicants, contractors and similar groups of people where sensitive personal information may be required and processed but to a lesser degree than customers, prospects and those that access our websites. This is addressed in a different policy altogether.



This Data Privacy Policy shall not apply to third-party service providers and to other websites which we may use in the pursuit of our business such as customer relationship management, cloud accounting software, payment gateways and similar. The processing of your Personal Information in the third party’s Sites is subject to their respective Data Privacy Policy. In no event will EISI be responsible for the information these third parties will collect and process, neither will the Company be liable for any loss, damage or injury arising out of or in connection with the use of or reliance on such third party.



Personal Information is information that identifies you as an individual and allows us to contact you in connection with our business transaction. Typically we collect the following basic data:

• Name

• Email Address

• Mobile Phone Number

• Designation or Position

• Institution or Company

• Company Address

• Company Phone Number

• Company Email Address

In addition we may keep a record of transactions made with you such as emails, chats, phone calls, letters, products sold, services rendered, events attended, products purchased by your institutions, company bank information, company tax information and similar data.



“Cookies” are pieces of information that are stored by your web browser on your computer’s hard disk, for record-keeping purposes. Cookies in and of themselves only identify your computer; they do not personally identify you. “IP Addresses” are distinct numbers that identify your computer or device used to access our website and third-party websites mentioned above. Our websites and third party websites we use in the course of our business may collect cookies and IP addresses from you when your browse these sites.



We use your personal information for the following purposes:

• To respond to your inquiries and requests;

• To process and deliver your institution’s orders;

• To allow us to provide you with services required to make our products and solutions work;

• To send you product and service information and updates;

• To send you email messages and information;

• To send you or your company bills, invoices, statements and similar financial documents;

• To send you event invitations and information;

• To send you occasional emails containing marketing and sales promotions from which you may opt out if you so desire.

• To fulfill our contractual and legal obligations;

All information we collect are processed internally with strict security and privacy controls to prevent leakage of such data to unauthorized parties.



Your personal information may be shared with our suppliers and technology partners to fulfill orders from you or your institutions. This information may also be shared with our employees or contractors in order for them to fulfill obligations such as installation, training, implementation, support and the like in relation to products or solutions ordered. The personal information may also be shared with government authorities as a legal requirement or due to a court order.

Information about institutions using our solutions or products may be shared with the public, potential partners or potential customers (prospects) as a part of a list of reference sites for the product/solution. In no case will your personal information be shared with or sold to other parties (companies or individuals) as part of a mailing list or marketing database.



At EISI’s discretion, we may amend, interpret, modify or withdraw any portion of this Data Privacy Policy at any time by posting updated contents on our website, and your continued use of our sites and services constitutes your consent to those changes.

Should you wish to exercise these, or if you have some questions relating to the EISI’s data protection efforts, you may contact the EISI’s duly designated Data Privacy Officer:

• Name: Pedro Tabinas

• Email Address: