DLM CYBER PROTECT: Get Protected From Ransomware Attacks Now!



As with any ransomware attacks happening right now in the library world, the best protection that EISI could provide for Destiny Library Manager (DLM) is giving you users a warning about keeping backups and the dangers of phishing emails and so as subscribing and upgrading to Follett Destiny Cloud Solution! The threats involved in clicking links such as from unknown senders will literally harm your network particularly, your library system. Additionally, it is important that you, users, not download any content on the internet that does not come from a reputable and secure source. These are the two most common standard ways Mallox Ransomware is obtained and therefore the best defense is heighten your education with it. 

2022 was a turbulent year not only in the political arena. Our partners in the Anti-ransomware business witnessed significant growth in the number of data breaches (and the financial harm they cause) in both the second half of 2022 and the year as a whole. Phishing — including specialized forms like spear phishing and whaling — was still a top threat and the most common form of email attack. From July–November, phishing activity rose by a staggering 130%. It now represents 76% of all email-based attacks, up from 58% in the first half of the year.

A lot of these are early stages of ransomware attacks, which continue to thrive. In the back half of 2022, the number of new cybercrime syndicates actually trended downwards, and so has the volume of attacks — but the gangs that remain are doing quite well for themselves.