Destiny Library Manager (DLM) is Now Cloud-Hosted!



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Destiny Library Manager (DLM) is now cloud-hosted! Follett School Solutions, Inc. (FSSI) and Electronic Information Solutions, Inc. (EISI) is pleased to present and start your journey for licensing and implementation of your integrated library system through Follett Destiny Cloud Solution. A hosted DLM puts all the power in one secured place so that all patrons that will use it will only need an internet connection and a suitable mobile phone and computer for its access and retrieval.

The current cloud platform is your immediate solution in providing library access to all your students, faculty members and any library patrons without physically going to the library. It simplifies searching by allowing flexibility of access from devices anywhere combined with the federated search option features of DLM.

Powered by Microsoft (MS) Azure Cloud Services, Destiny Cloud is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, Follett shall provide the service levels for Destiny Cloud: 99.5% up-time.

Follett is committed to data security and supporting our customers’ data privacy needs. As student data collection evolves, Follett continues to provide and enhance the necessary levels of security to ensure your student information is secure and private in our learning management and educational systems. It has invested in technologies that support the protection of and provide security for data while in transit or at rest.