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Power your library and school with technologies and solutions that enhance student learning, improve educator productivity, and manage diverse resources in today's modern educational systems. From devices to infrastructure, to software and content, we deliver educational technology solutions to satisfy the growing need for new ways to instruct the digital-savvy learner.

Tablets and Mobile Devices
  • Acer
  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Coby
  • ZTE
Equip your students and staff with portable devices that provide access to your curriculum, library, textbooks and educational apps. Engage young learners with multimedia. Relieve their heavy loads and save trees with less books. Tablets and other mobile devices like e-book readers and smartphones are the next generation's paper and pencil. Start them on the right path now.
Projectors and Displays
  • Acer
  • Infocus
  • Benq
  • LG
  • Follett Interactive Whiteboard
Integrate visuals into classes and you have a captive audience of students and an empowered faculty. Our projectors and displays combine high definition with brightness for an engaging presentation. Our latest models are also interactive, eliminating whiteboards, blackboards, chalk and markers.
  • Asus
  • Creative Labs
  • Western Digital
  • Genius
Have a captive audience with these multimedia equipment from media players to speakers and everything in between. Learning creates a lasting impression with quality media, and the best equipment are available to you and your students at the audio-visual room, classroom or even in their personal devices. Use multimedia in your classes and your pupils wont forget their lessons for a long time!
Thin Clients and Virtualization
  • HP Multiseat
  • HP Thin Clients
  • VMWare
  • Citrix
Simplify your IT, share resources, manage centrally and save energy. These are some of the advantages of thin clients and desktop virtualization. As Wikipedia explains: "Thin clients, which are seen in desktop virtualization, are simple and/or cheap computers that are primarily designed to connect to the network. They may lack significant hard disk storage space, RAM or even processing power, but many organizations are beginning to look at the cost benefits of eliminating 'thick client' desktops that are packed with software (and require software licensing fees) and making more strategic investments." Educational institutions, which deploy dozens up to hundreds of desktop computers, will surely benefit from streamlining its technology.
Data Capture and Scanning
  • Intermec
  • Ricoh
  • Epson
From barcodes to RFID to document scanners, the offline and online worlds are being bridged by technologies that educational institutions can use. From tracking assets to making years of paper documents available digitally to a wider audience, we supply the devices that digitize and track.
Networks and Data Center
  • Cisco
  • Linksys
  • Asus
  • Buffalo
  • D-link
  • APC Power Supplies and Data Cabinets
  • HP Servers
Your technology is only as good as your infrastructure. Invest in quality network and data center equipment for trouble-free operations.
Educational Software
  • Microsoft
  • Follett Destiny Asset and Textbook Manager
  • Follett Aspen
The key to a successful educational technology deployment are in educational applications and content. Optimize your hardware technology by selecting the best educational software. Get the most out of your software investment with academic licenses that are within your budget. And most of all, stay current with the latest updates so your students are prepared when they start their careers.
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