BookDrive Mark 2

Downloadable Brochure:  Datasheet (4.1 MB)

Top of the line, for A2 books and bound documents

  • Superior Ergonomics
  • Perfected Light Design
  • Powerful Software Suite
  • Adjustable “V” Cradle
  • Canon Support
  • FADGI Compliant


Upgrade to Mark 2

Mark 2, a successor to the BookDrive Pro, our best selling scanner.Mark 2 has improved upon BookDrive Pro in so important ways based on actual feedback of the prousers that make you want to upgrade.



The Industry Standard

BookDrive created an industry-standard of how libraries around the world digitize their books today.A dual-camera “V” cradle imaging system captures images of books and print materials, without risk of damage to the items being scanned. This scanning method from Atiz has become so successful it is used everywhere and widely embraced even by competitors.


Some of the reasons why customers chose Atiz.

“We chose the Atiz for the following reasons:

The simplicity of its design

There are fewer things that can go wrong. There are no motors and fewer moving parts.


If we want to upgrade to more powerful lenses or cameras in the future, we can just buy them and install them ourselves without having to purchase a whole new machine. Therefore the Atiz Mark II is safer from obsolescence.


The Atiz Mark II takes up less space than the other units we were considering.


This product was considerably cheaper than the other units we were considering.


Mark II can capture 2 high-resolution images in a couple of seconds including the time it takes to turn the page. Overhead planetary scanners take many times longer, depending on the resolution.

Superior Ergonomics,
Comfort and Safety

Ergonomics, operator comfort and safety is most important and it has received a major upgrade. Mark 2 is easier on your back, arms, eyes and ears.


No direct light facing toward users

The new custom light produces much better images, but more importantly, the light will not shine directly or bounce off the glass into the operator’s eyes.

Cool and silent operation

The new fan-less LED ensures the operation stay cool and silent the whole time creating a pleasant work environment. Suitable for library and office environment.

Lighting dims when turned off

Like a light in a luxury car cabin, it gently dims off when you turn it off so it’s less abrupt to your eyes.



The “V” System Gets a Major Upgrade



Better image quality backed up by stats

Even light distribution with no bright or dark spot visible anywhere in the frame.

Brighter light equivalent to 2 stop speed shutter (compared with BookDrive Pro) and extra sharpness is achieved.

Download Sample Images:  JPEG  (3.6 MB)

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