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ClarityEnglish is an English language teaching and learning tool with relevant and engaging content suited for any K-12 English Curriculum. The suite of programs can be used in your computer laboratories, libraries, classrooms, speech labs, instructional media centers and ESL classes. It can also be used by home-based independent learners as a remedial and tutorial program. Included are different programs with interactive approaches to many aspects of English communication like speaking, writing, reading, listening and much more. ClarityEnglish also publishes programs to help students with specific language areas: grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, and study skills.



Practical Writing: Writing for life

Practical Writing is for students who need to use written English both in their studies and in their personal life. Whether they are writing a descriptive essay for their teacher or sending a text to a friend, Practical Writing helps them structure their message, select the right vocabulary and choose the most appropriate style.

Key Features:

  • Writing skills

Each unit tackles a text type and a writing skill, for example: the writing process, structuring a text, focusing on the reader and proofreading.

  • Worksheets

The program includes printable worksheets, including writing tasks and sample answers written by students and corrected by a teacher.

  • Real students

Practical Writing makes extensive use of texts written by real students enabling learners to work with targets that are both real and realistic.


Tense Buster: Break through the grammar barrier

Tense Buster, Clarity’s most popular program, helps learners develop their confidence in 33 key grammar areas from the simple present at Elementary level to phrasal verbs at Advanced. The program is ideal either as a self-access resource, or integrated into a course of study and used in class or for homework.

Key Features:

  • Pronunciation

Each unit includes work on the pronunciation associated with the grammar area, for example pronunciation of “going to” as “gonna”.

  • Feedback

The program includes detailed feedback in exercises to help students understand the answers, as well as feedback charts on activity and progress.

  • Popular… and fun

The British Council described Tense Buster as “very popular with students, attractive and easy to use”, and adopted the program for all its teaching center worldwide.


Active Reading: Learning to love reading

Most teachers love reading, but it can be a challenge to generate the same enthusiasm in our students. This is what Active Reading sets out to achieve. Throughout the program, learners work with texts which are relevant, stimulating and lively (topics include travel, fashion, gaming) each with a range of thought-provoking activities.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive skills coverage

Skimming and scanning, dictionary skills and vocabulary strategies, signpost words and organisation. Active Reading helps learners develop every aspect of the reading skill. For a full list of skills covered, click the syllabus below.

  • Listening

Learners can listen to a range of native speakers reading the texts, helping them to identify sense groups and develop their chunking skills.

  • Developing the reading habit

Throughout, Active Reading aims to develop the reading habit. It introduces students to graded readers, newspapers and novels and encourages them to read for pleasure.


Clear Pronunciation 1 (Sounds): Speak clearly, with confidence

Clear Pronunciation 1 (Sounds) help learners recognize and pronounce 43 English phonemes. The program includes over 1,000 audio clips and 50 videos providing input for the sounds and models for learners to copy. The Recorder enables users to record their voice and assess their pronunciation against a native speaker.

Key Features:

  • Choice of models

Learners can choose a speech model to follow through the program, and can look at a cross-section of the speech organs for each sound.

  • Learning the IPA

The program links each sound to its symbol in the International Phonemic Alphabet. It includes IPA downloads and tests in each unit.

  • Clarity Recorder

The Recorder enables users to record their voice and assess their pronunciation against a native speaker, or save their recordings and monitor progress over time.


Clear Pronunciation 2 (Speech): Speak clearly, with confidence

In Clear Pronunciation 2 (Speech), students learn to put the sounds of English together in natural speech. This program sensitizes them to elements of pronunciation they may not even be aware of (such as sentence stress or intonation) and helps them to listen and produce these sounds accurately.

Key Features:

  • Range of voices

Male and female; young and middle-aged; English, Scottish, Australian, New Zealand, North American, Chinese, Indian… learners are exposed to a real-life variety of accents.

  • Engaging approach

Clear Pronunciation 2 (Speech) mixes teacher input with a range of activity types and authentic materials to create a program that feels engaging and relevant to students.

  • Clear progression

There is a logical progression from Clear Pronunciation 1 (Sounds) where students learn individual sounds to this program where they put those sounds together in clear, natural-sounding speech.


Dynamic Placement Test: No more paper. No more marking.

The Dynamic Placement Test sorts your students into their CEFR bands quickly, conveniently and affordably. Test items include a variety of tasks specially designed to exploit the capabilities of online, multimedia delivery. The test runs on the test takers’ own devices and delivers results directly to your browser.

Key Features:

  • International standards

With content from telc, international test experts, the DPT is accurate to the highest standards. Test items are continually analysed, updated, retired and replaced.

  • No more marking

The Dynamic Placement Test is convenient and time-saving. It takes just a few minutes to set up — no more paper, no more marking.

  • Engaging

The program is easy to use, both for teachers and students. A beautifully designed app-based test feels both engaging and relevant.


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