Follett Destiny Library Manager is the leading library automation software in the world.
Follett’s Destiny Library Manager has 65,000  institutional users, making it the leading library automation software in the world. Use it for a single site or for multiple campuses or consortia.

DESTINY Library Manager is Follett’s game-changing library automation software. It is a completely web-based software, with all functions like OPAC, cataloging, circulation, inventory, reports, and others requiring no more than a web browser. It is suited for multiple campuses and consortia where only one server is required. It may also be used in single-campus libraries, lowering the total cost of ownership. It has the right information and resources at the right time, maximizing your library’s power to support students and teachers, curriculum and instruction.

Destiny Resource Manager helps administrators track and account for school assets like textbooks, equipment, instruments, furniture, vehicles and almost any resource. Robust inventory, report generation and analytical features eases the daily workload associated with managing institutional assets. Choose from single-site or multi-site versions according to the number of campuses you have. STOP LOSING MONEY: optimize limited resources and maximize educational results.


Follett Lightbox integrates Destiny Library Manager and other digital resources for a seamless learning experience.

Lightbox is a multimedia educational space that encourages users to see learning in a whole new light.  Textbooks, eBooks and other resources are supplemented with core content from renowned video providers, Google Maps, your library collections in Destiny®, and, along with customized support materials in a single learning resource. All in one easy-to-use interface that’s available on any device.


Follett 2500 RFID brings your library to a higher level with more efficient library materials management and top-notch security features.

The Follett 2500 RFID system is the first standard RFID reader with keyboard output that makes the integration of RFID with your existing Destiny Library system as simple as barcode technology. The system provides for easier book circulation, faster inventory, and simpler security.

Book circulation is easier than barcodes, and several books may be checked out simultaneously.   Self-Check-Out is also possible with properly configured stations or kiosks.

Inventory is multiple times faster as our new innovative Blade Scanner eliminates the need to remove books from their shelves or book carts and dramatically improves scanner read accuracy. 

Lastly, RFID tags have security built right in, eliminating the need to additional, and costly, EM (electromagnetic) strips.