Interpro - make your projector interactive


Interpro is a low-cost device to make your projector interactive.  Ditch the mouse when presenting online or face-to-face.  Touch the projected screen and add magic to your lectures.

Interpro is a dedicated device that can make the projected screen interactive.  It works with any projector using laser technology and can be installed in any flat surface.  It supports both light pen and touch mode.  Users can enjoy accurate touch experience with their fingertips.  Interpro is suitable for education or office, whether online or onsite.

Interpro makes your projector interactive

Benefits.  Interactive projection is a valuable tool for increasing student or audience participation.  Speaker and audience can also draw on the screen allowing them to work together in front of class or meetings.  Use interactive projection to work through educational puzzles with your audience.  Games are now used also in education, and an interactive wall is essential in this environment.    You can also share notes and digitally after each session so that your audience will have the correct reference long after they leave your presentation.

Interpro interactive add-on for projectors

Other Features.  Interpro connects with the USB of your PC, so everything that you write on your interactive wall can be synced with your computer and even shared over the internet.    It is lightweight and does not have the bulk of other, more expensive systems.

Online lecturers and teachers will surely benefit from this innovation especially in this time where education and training needs to be online.

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