A management platform for multimedia interactive teaching.  

Optimized to provide a friendly, collaborative classroom solution. Mythware Classroom Management Software is the first choice for educators worldwide.

Compatibility Across All Platforms

Mythware for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

Key Features:

  • Screen Broadcast

The teacher can call various multimedia resources directly and broadcast them to students to enrich class teaching.






  • Student Demonstration

Display one student’s screen to the teacher and other students.

  •  Policy Management

The teacher can restrict students’ usage of CD, USB Disk, Website, Application and Printer to maintain class order.

  • Student Management

Import the name list of students and launch the sign-in operation.

Compare sign-in list with name list to obtain attendance.

  • Camera

Use the camera of teacher to broadcast the images to students.

  • Direct Messages

Send direct live messages to the students instantly.

  • Response & Competition

Start a competition by individuals or by groups.

Use an award system to assess the performance of students.

  • Remote Control

Allow teacher to monitor and control students’ devices, master the students’ real-time learning situation.

  • Silence Feature

Blank students’ screens with one click to re-gain attention instantly.







  • Multiple Voice Interaction

Communicate with the students in class via voice.

  • Assessment

Allow teachers to assess students’ learning outcomes by quiz.






  • File Collection

Collect files from students’ computers at any time.

  • Group Collaboration

Teachers can divide students into groups and facilitate group collaboration.

Teachers can also join in groups to help students to enhance collaboration.

  • Interactive Whiteboard

Let students draw individually while monitoring, demo their work or collaborate with them!

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