Harness the power of social networking to make learning fun, collaborative and engaging. Create a safe & secure network for instructors and learners to interact and learn.

EISI educational technology LMS - Teamie

Social Features:

  • Posts & Announcements

Anyone can create posts on newsfeed to share ideas or ask questions from their group. Learn socially!

  • Tasks with Due Dates

Teachers can create activities for students with a deadline

  • Lock Comments

Promote creativity, do not let the students see what others have said till they have responded to a post themselves.

  • Peer Feedback

Harness the power of your group, learn from their inputs.

  • Share Multimedia Content

Upload video, audio, documents, links and much more

  • Gamification

Award Points and Badges for different actions on the platform to drive behavior and participation. View leaderboards and track participation


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