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Having trouble catching up with class lessons due to class suspensions? Yet again, another school day has been suspended in different parts of the country because of bad weather, but you don’t have to worry because Teamie has got you covered!Deliver your learning materials, manage and track your students’ performance, and conduct quizzes and tests online for the class easily with Teamie – a cloud-based Learning Management System!Have an online graded recitation with your class by creating Question Posts with Teamie, or you can create Thought Posts to share interesting links and media file, so you can harness different sources and references that will help the students in their learning for the subject. You can also set the date and time for the posts to upload automatically in your class’ newsfeed, so you can create the posts in advance and SAVE a lot of your precious time!Make different types of quizzes or tests with the various types of questions that Teamie offers. You can take advantage of Fill in the Blank type questions, Multiple Choice, True or False and so much more, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of checking your students’ quizzes because Teamie does that for you and again… SAVE your precious time because Teamie understands that teachers should be more focused on the learning of the students!Is the video not enough and need to know more? Book a FREE product demonstration from us so we can help you make schools a more fun, collaborative, and engaging learning environment. Just go to our official website and our quick-response online reps will be there ready to serve you, or you can contact us through these numbers: (02) 843-6571 / 845-3507.We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Do you love to teach your students, but can’t seem to maximize your time. Perhaps due to a lot of class suspensions or holidays? Maybe there are challenges in your schedule as you get to teach your class just once a week. Or you might have a problem tracking the progress of your students. A Learning Management System (LMS) can certainly help you address these concerns.

An LMS lets you deliver your learning materials effortlessly as well as monitor, track, and report the progress of your students, saving you a lot of time. Maximize your teaching time with Teamie. Never again will your class miss those important lessons!

Teamie is a cloud-based learning management system, so you can be anywhere and access your learning materials anytime to facilitate learning even outside the classroom.  Post your lessons within the Teamie platform in whatever format it may be – videos, documents, links, audio, PowerPoint, etc. — to match the different learning styles of your students. Administer your quizzes and tests for the class as well, and Teamie will automatically grade these assessments so you don’t have to!

One core focus of Teamie is Personalized Learning. Teachers can create lessons or assessments for specific students or groups since each student has his own needs and learning capabilities. By taking advantage of this feature, you get to guide them on their own learning path and ensure student engagement throughout their learning journey.

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