Library Classroom Home ConnectionHow can your school, library, training center, college or university cope with the new demands of education in the new normal? How do you deliver lessons, provide access to quality resources, curate a diversity of information, assess, organize, acquire and allow discovery of your information and learning resources to a diverse audience scattered all over, using different devices?

We have the tools  to CONNECT your students, teachers, administrators and librarians to curricula and resources seamlessly, anytime and anywhere.  Our Library-Classroom-Home Connection initiative ensures the same learning experience and access to electronic resources wherever they are.

Combining an Integrated Library System (ILS) with a Learning Management System (LMS) fills a major gap in eLearning.  Destiny Library Manager (DLM)  is an ILS that provides discovery and access to vetted digital content as well as  the traditional printed collection.   Pairing it with Teamie, our preferred LMS  multiplies the use and value of both systems and the digital content (subscribed and free) offered by the institution.

Teachers, media specialist and curriculum developers will be able to add digital content housed in Destiny to a course in Teamie providing a streamlined approach for learners and educators.

Integrated Library System (ILS)

Destiny Library Manager (DLM)

Destiny Library Manager (DLM), used by 65,000 schools worldwide,  is a completely web-based library automation software suitable for single and multiple campuses or consortia. It has the right information and resources at the right time, maximizing your library’s power to support students and teachers, curriculum and instruction in the classroom and at home.

Key Features:

  • One discovery interface  for students to access all your print and digital resources, including eBooks, audiobooks, and interactive books, as well as free and paid subscription databases
  • Sharing of resource lists –  a new, collaborative way for librarians, teachers and curriculum staff to share free or purchased resources across your district, school or between users. Each resource list  can include any resource from anywhere – webpages, images, and documents, ebooks – anything!
  • Convenient access through any web browser and free mobile apps that support BYOD (bring-your-own-device) and 1:1 device initiatives
  • Easy-to-use online public access, circulation, cataloging, inventory, and reporting capabilities
  • Destiny supports open standards for easy and integrated data sharing and single sign-on access, including Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI), OneRoster Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML).
  • Availability of curated Open Educational Resources (OER) for easier lesson preparation by teachers and unlimited access by the students.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Teamie learning management system (LMS)

Teamie LMS

Teamie is a cloud-based learning management system, so you can be anywhere and access your learning materials anytime.  Post your lessons within the Teamie platform in whatever format it may be – videos, documents, links, audio, PowerPoint — to match the different learning styles of your students. Administer your quizzes and tests for the class as well, and Teamie will automatically grade these assessments so you don’t have to!

One core focus of Teamie is Personalized Learning. Teachers can create lessons or assessments for specific students or groups. By taking advantage of this feature, you get to guide them on their own learning path and ensure student engagement throughout their learning journey.

  • Social learning features give a familiar look and feel to learners already used to social media. Anyone can share posts, while teachers and administrators can make announcements; comments can be seen by all or locked; feedback promotes group learning; while gamification makes learning fun and participative
  • Create units and lessons or import from SCORM and Tin-can compliant sources to minimize lesson preparation time.  Subjective assessments through assignments and rubrics indicates progress, while quizzes and objective assessments are built-in to assist in grading
  • Showcase student learning through portfolios, and encourage blended and personalized learning.
  • Create and manage content banks to save time and leverage the lessons created by your peers.
  • View analytics and keep track of key results while aligning to standards.
  • Integrate with other educational tools like library automation systems, school information systems, Google, Microsoft and others through Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI).
  • Integrate with Zoom and Google Meet for live learning sessions.
  • Integrate with GO1 training course library and other SCORM compliant sources.
  • Deploy easily through cloud technology and mobile apps.

Prepare your institution to the new learning environment with Teamie software backed up by local implementation and technical support.

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