Deploy A Union Catalog With Destiny District License

A major factor in the effective discovery of items in libraries spread across several campuses, or in consortia, is a union catalog. What would otherwise take multiple  searches for a particular book on several OPACs is a simple process when done on a union catalog.  Follett does this very effectively with its district feature. Destiny Library Manager is your software of choice when automating multiple libraries with a common catalog.

If you have or are planning to have multiple Follett DLM licenses for several campuses, you may want to consider having a district setup.  This will give you the option to put everything in one server so that you can find the book you are looking for in one search. As an example, you can search the Centro Escolar University libraries.

Go to CEU has four campuses. Select Makati to assume you are a user of this library.

Searching All Libraries

We’ll search for a book might be found in any of the four libraries,  such as “bhagavad gita”, the Hindu holy book. Choose as LOCATION the “CEU DISTRICT SITE LIBRARIES” to search all four libraries. Click TITLE search on the Title field.


Results show one title each of three books with “Bhagavad Gita” in the title. Click on the “Details” of the first one.


A couple of clicks into the details reveal that this book is not available in Makati but can be found in Malolos. To access the book, either visit the campus or avail of interlibrary lending if available.

Searching One Library

Follett DLM OPAC search
Searching in only one library will give you the result for that library. Example, search for “essentials of strategic management” in CEU Makati campus.


Three copies of this book is available at CEU Makati. But there’s more, if you click on “details”.


There are actually 7 copies of this book, 4 of them offsite.


Destiny Library Manager union catalog
Clicking “see all” will reveal both the onsite and offsite copies.

Realize real search productivity with Follett’s Destiny Library Manager district license.  For more details, contact us at +63 918 2217956 or chat with us on this website during office hours. You can also enter your details below so we can contact you:

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