DLM CYBER PROTECT: Get Protected From Ransomware Attacks Now!



In response to the current ransomware attacks plaguing the library world, EISI is dedicated to providing the best protection for Destiny Library Manager (DLM) users. 

The threats involved in clicking links such as from unknown senders will literally harm your network particularly, your library system. Additionally, it is important that you should not download any content on the internet that does not come from a reputable and secure sources. Engaging with such links can lead to severe consequences, including the infiltration of malware, ransomware attacks, and unauthorized access.

By fostering a culture of awareness and responsible online behavior among users, you can collectively enhance the security resilience of your network and safeguard critical systems, such as the library infrastructure, from potential cyber threats.

Preventing ransomware attacks requires a combination of cybersecurity best practices, user education, and robust security measures. For library system. The most effective solution to safeguard against ransomware attacks is to subscribe and upgrade to DLM Cloud-Hosted now!

If you have fallen victim to these cyber attacks, we encourage you to promptly seek assistance by visiting our ONLINE HELPDESK for any technical assistance. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for immediate and reliable assistance during these challenging times.