Fed up with your paper documents that keep increasing in number?  Daunted by the expense and complexity of starting a digitization project?  Let us introduce you to DOCUKIT, the solution to jumpstart your digitization goals.

DOCUKIT is an all-in-one archiving appliance for your office, archive or library. It’s a hardware and software digitization appliance that’s light on your budget and easy to implement.  Simply connect this to your multi-function device (copier/printer/scanner), or integrate seamlessly with your office systems, and you can start your digitization journey.

Docukit digitization appliance

DOCUKIT allows you to ACCESS, PROTECT & CONTROL your documents while maintaining flexibility in how you share and use them.  Integration with other systems in your organization is available so you will have a seamless workflow.

Docukit uses

Key Features

Document Filing

Scan to docukit. Scan documents from an integrated device directly to docukit. User logs-in with their credentials, enters the required index information, and uploads to docukit.

Index Tagging. Docukit allows up to 8 index fields (metadata) to tag and identify your documents.  Index field types and formats are customizable.

Document Search

Index Tag Search. Using the docukit web application, users may search for a document using any combination of the index tags used to file the document.

Full Text Search.  Also known as Content Search, allows the users  to search using keyword or phrase. Provides quick and efficient retrieval of files, whether images or electronic documents.

Combined Index and Text Search. Search for documents by combining the Index Tag search and Full-text search functions.

Document Control

Check in/out. Check out documents to work on them offline. Other users can access a read-only version of the checked-out document.  Check them in again after use.

Document versioning. A full version of the document changes is retained and previous versions of the document can be accessed and reviewed.

Audit trail. The complete history of the document is recorded. View reports in Administration tool.


Secure document access. Access to documents in docukit is only possible through secure document access protocol. Only authorized personnel can access the documents through a configurable user authority level and account control.

Metadata filters. Use the document metadata to restrict access to documents.

Secure deletions. Deleted files in docukit are only marked as deleted.  Only the administrator can execute RESTORE or PURGING of files.


Integrate with MFD Connector. Integrate with any multi-function device (MFD) which enable users to login to docukit from the MFD’s LCD panel and upload, index and print documents directly.  MFD’s combine copier, scan and print capabilities in one device.

API Availability.  3rd party applications may utilize the document upload, index and search features of  docukit using the available API for these specific features.


DOCUKIT can be used in in a wide variety of industries and applications including libraries, archives, records offices, law firms, contract administration, service points, sales administration, manufacturing, government, education and many more.

View the short video below for an overview of its features, benefits and applications.

Whether you are a small business, a department in a company or a large enterprise, DOCUKIT has the solution applicable to your needs and budget.

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