Count on us to tackle your most demanding tasks of managing diverse resources and assets,  on paper and digital. We have the range of products, services and expertise to ensure completion of information-intensive projects that impact your efficiency and bottom line.

Library Automation & Security

We help Philippine libraries automate using Follett Destiny Library Manager (DLM). With full support from our qualified library automation specialists, librarians find a sure and easy route to transform their library from a manual system into a fully automated, web-enabled resource that their patrons will love and their institutions will be proud of.

Destiny Resource Manager (DRM) tracks and secures institutional assets. Combined with barcodes and RFID systems, both DLM and DRM are formidable tools in your arsenal to manage and protect your school and library assets.

Don’t forget that library automation peripherals, parts and supplies are the cogs that make your automated library work.  All of these you can have by simply contacting us or shopping online.

Information Management

Today’s organizations manage a wide range of information like correspondence, historical records, photographs, clippings, research results and many more. The accumulated knowledge of these organizations have to be managed, shared and preserved. They come in varying format from text to images to multimedia. Inmagic information management software enables web-based management of various types of information that modern organizations produce.

Scanning & Digitization

The road to paperless is long and winding, but you have to start somewhere.  From converting old records, to ensuring that current transactions minimize paperwork, both sides of the equation must be tackled to ensure your organization tames the paper flood.  Talk with us for solutions that make each digitization project a bliss.

Classroom & Education Solutions

The classroom is hub of the school, and we have the tools to make today’s and tomorrow’s classroom effective channels of knowledge, information and skills.   We provide tools and solutions to improve the delivery of education nationwide. From latest technologies like tablets, thin clients and interactive projectors, to software like school information and instructional management systems, we enable schools to provide the best learning environment for their students.

Digital Content

We offer databases, eJournals, eBooks, eAudiobooks, eVideos whether locally stored or from the cloud.  Learn more about our digital content at HERE.

Print Management

Take control of that expensive beast that’s all over your organization.  From wasted printouts to unauthorized personal projects, printing takes a toll on your bottom line if not managed correctly.  Fortunately, solutions are available not only to minimize your printing costs, but to make it a profit center.  Allocate budgets, control usage and avoid unnecessary copies.

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