The Right Knowledge Management (KM) Solution for Your Organization in These Challenging Times

The changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic brought drastic shifts in our lives and our workplaces. Although it is very challenging, we have to embrace these changes because they are here to stay for quite a while.

The intense stressors like constant fear for one’s life and health, restructuring, and disruptive changes might be affecting your team’s productivity. This is where Knowledge Management / Digital Asset Management can help you. It also helps your team quickly find and maintain the right files for every project with less contact. A Knowledge Management / Digital Asset Management solution also helps boost productivity and efficiency by controlling what’s need to be shared and in what format as well as eliminating the need to request data / assets every time they’re used.

We at EISI offers a Knowledge Management/ Digital Asset Management system that has everything you need.  Introducing Inmagic PRESTO from Lucidea, the worldwide leader in KM.

Learn more about it by watching the video below or browsing this our Inmagic product page. Contact us now and we will be glad to discuss how we can help you. For more details, you may reach our representative at (0923) 023-4873 | (02) 8843-6571 / 8845-3507 or email us at
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